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Why choose Valley View Laser Hair Removal

  • Experience:  Valley View Laser Hair Removal specialists perform hundreds of laser hair removal treatments each year.
  • Expertise:     Dr. Mina Haghiri is board certified and trained by the best dermatologists. 
  •  Valley View Laser Hair Removal uses the safest and most advanced hair-removal system available.
  • Time for you:  Your Valley View Laser Hair Removal specialist take time to discuss options and answer your questions about laser hair removal.
  • Efficient care:   At Valley View Laser Hair Removal, your appointments are coordinated, so you usually can complete your evaluation and treatment in a few days. 

Dr. Mina Haghiri


Shaving, scraping, waxing and tweezing is all unpleasant, painful, temporary and time consuming traditional methods of facial hair removal.

Choosing laser technology for removing unwanted hair in recent days is preferred over all the unpleasant, painful and temporary traditional methods. The hassle and the time wasted can cause most busy people to forego the kind of grooming that would make the best impression on others, and even worse, those methods can cause damage to the skin over time. Electrolysis, which has been until recently the best solution possible, is both expensive and unpleasant.

Valley View Laser Hair Removal Center is a laser hair treatment center in Dallas area equipped with the skills and the technology to remove unwanted facial hair with the quickest, most painless options with best results which we think you will be pleased with.

Treatment for removal of unwanted hair is quick and easy; often, the procedure only lasts ten to twenty minutes, which easily fits into any lunchtime or weekday schedule. The work is quick, and the results are long lasting.

A variety of areas can be treated for facial hair removal. Besides Back, legs, bikini, hand, arm, and shoulder, we can also remove hair from your upper lip area, chin and neck area, sideburns and between the eyebrows. Skin type and color is not an issue. Please contact us and one of our trained technicians can speak with you about what works for you.

Valley View Laser Hair Removal
2936 Valley View Ln.
Dallas TX, 75234
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